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Atty. JJ Disini to represent firm in “Expert Course for Intellectual Property Practitioners”

We are pleased to announce that Atty. JJ Disini has been chosen to represent the Firm in the "Expert Course for Intellectual Property Practitioners" to be conducted by the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) in Japan, from January 15 to February 4, 2003. Atty. JJ was accepted by the AOTS as a candidate to the said training program upon the recommendation of the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

"Expert Course for IP Practitioners
15 January - 4 February, 2003

Background: Entrusted by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship (AOTS) and the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation (JIII) will hold the Training Program on Industrial Property Rights. This program, which has been organized every year since 1996, is aimed at persons working within the industrial property rights field in the private sector of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region, such as enterprises, law firms, research institutes and educational organizations. The courses are designed to provide participants with a deeper understanding of industrial property rights and the techniques required for smooth utilization of the industrial property rights system.

Purpose: Aimed at those who already have a good knowledge of the industrial property rights system but require an even deeper understanding of it. This course is designed to give them opportunities to make the international comparisons of the various industrial property rights systems, and learn about practical measures taken against infringement from case studies of infringement litigation through lectures, discussions and visits to related institutions.

Target Participants: Participants should have a good knowledge of the industrial property rights system, and :

  • Have five or more years of experience in prior art research, filing patents applications, dealing with infringements and licensing agreements, or planning or employee training or invention-incentive programs in private companies, patent offices or law firms.
  • Be involved in dissemination and enlightenment of industrial property rights in industrial property related organizations or companies of the mass media such as newspaper companies and publishing companies.
  • Be a researcher or lecturer at an educational institution."
  • Expect to play a leading role in the field of industrial property rights in industrial circles; or
  • Possess experience equivalent to the above."



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