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“In Disini & Disini, we see emerging and novel legal ideas, models and concepts, not as hindrances but as challenges. With our extensive knowledge of the law, we are uniquely qualified to face these challenges and to formulate effective solutions for our clients.”

We are the only law firm that operates a system of Secondment  -- a newly emerging style of delivering legal services on a free-agency basis that allows a match-up of the clients’ needs and the lawyers’ skills and expertise.

It is a novel and refreshing alternative to traditional law firm practice as it significantly reduces the costs while improving the quality, of legal services. The client is free from the burden of having to support and pay for the pricey overhead expenses incorporated into the fees of traditional law firms, and the expensive billable hours racked up by partners who do overlapping work on a single client is eliminated.

How Does it Work?

At an agreed set price for a specific project or special transaction, the clients get to choose their servicing lawyer from our pool of attorneys and the lawyers are free to accept their engagements based on their level of interest in the work and the clients involved. The lawyers’ services are activated only when they are chosen by a client for a particular project and they accept the appointment.  If the match-up is successful, the chosen lawyer gets sent out mostly on-site to the client’s office, where he works side-by-side with the client or the client’s in-house counsel, and spends anywhere from several days or months continuously working on the client’s legal projects, until their successful conclusion.

Benefits of Secondment

“It’s like having your own exclusive in-house counsel without the related costs.”

  • No billable hours
  • No overhead expenses
  • No expenditure for employee salary and benefits
  • Exclusive, personal, regular and continuous assistance of a lawyer of your own choice
  • Constant supervision and guidance by the Firm of the chosen lawyers on-site


Who needs Secondment?

Secondment might be for you, if:

  • you are newly established and needs legal assistance to set up your offices, manage day-today operations, set up management guidelines,  financial, labor and human relations policies
  • you are engaged in special projects or transactions that require legal assistance, whether on occasion or on a continuous or regular basis;
  • you need constant legal assistance in the day-to-day operations of your office, business or company, but you don’t want the hassle and additional expense of taking on a lawyer as a regular employee
  • your current in-house counsel needs an assistant for cyclical work, unusual workload or work build-up or accumulation


Our Guarantee

Disini & Disini ensures that the lawyers from its pool are able to deliver comprehensive legal and business advice and dispense excellent legal assistance for even the most complex of legal works at affordable rates. The lawyer, although acting autonomously most of the time, has the benefit of seeking the supervision and guidance of the partners of the firm and has the privilege to use the firm’s resources at no additional cost to the client.