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E-Commerce and Technology

The coming of the Internet is perhaps the single most revolutionary event in our lifetime. The Internet, as well as other emerging technologies will transform the way we live, do business, interact, and play. In the same way that the telephone has brought the world closer, the Internet connects people at the speed of thought. Certainly, this brings a paradigm shift across all aspects of modern life and pretty soon, this technology will invade every nook and cranny of our existence.

These changes, happening as they are at a lightning speed, raise issues never before confronted by our law. We see these issues not as hindrances but as challenges. With our extensive knowledge of the Internet and other technologies, we are uniquely qualified to face these challenges and to formulate effective solutions for our clients. In addition, we keep ourselves up-to-date with current events and trends to provide sound legal advice to our clients in anticipation of future business conditions.


All lawyers in the Firm have litigation experience in criminal, civil and other administrative cases. We have practiced before the municipal, metropolitan, and regional trial courts, the Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.

It is our practice to coordinate closely with our clients or their in-house counsel to assess each situation with the intention of presenting all available options together with our recommendations. We believe this makes for a cost-effective approach without sacrificing high-quality representation and a successful resolution to these matters.


Our entertainment practice includes various projects in film production, free and cable television, video distribution, recording, music publishing, international film distribution, artist management and theater management. Our advise has been sought with respect to various licensing agreements with foreign entertainment companies for video and audio distribution as well as international film exhibition agreements. We likewise have extensive experience in negotiating and concluding recording and music publishing contracts.

Intellectual Property

We have assisted our clients in obtaining intellectual property rights protection for various works before the Intellectual Property Office. We customarily work closely with our clients, whether they be businesses or inventors, well-established companies or emerging companies with technological assets, to ensure they enjoy the full benefit of the Intellectual Property Code. We have given advise on trademarks, copyright, patents, and trade secrets and have been involved in the assignment and licensing of those rights. In addition, we have assisted clients in the enforcement of their rights against pirates and infringers.

Corporate, Securities, Banking & Project Finance

Attorneys in the firm possess a profound understanding of the intricacies of corporate practice. We have advised businesses from start-up, incorporation, operations and through a whole gamut of local and international transactions from financing, re-organizations, mergers and acquisitions, as well as, corporate governance and executive employment arrangements. We have been immersed in cutting-edge project finance transactions involving power, water, agri-business, and other projects representing multilateral financing institutions, international and local banks, including project proponents. We have also represented clients in initial public offerings, bond flotation, issuance of debt securities and back-door listings. Our banking practice includes advise on regulatory issues, syndicated loans, restructurings, financial leasing, credit card operations, and other bank allied undertakings. In addition to local clients, we have acted for and in behalf of foreign companies in relation to investments in nationalized industries, preferred areas with incentives and pioneering ventures in such diverse fields as telecommunications, power and insurance.

Employment and Labor Relations

We have handled labor matters as diverse as the problems that arise in the workplace. In cases involving wrongful termination and unfair labor practices, we work closely with our clients for a successful resolution. We have likewise dealt with labor relations issues from union organizing, to the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements as well as actual strikes and lockouts. Our practice has taken us before the National Labor Relations Commission, the National Conciliation and Mediation Board, and the Department of Labor.

Real Estate

Lawyers in the firm have handled various real estate projects involving the acquisition and disposition of commercial properties, financing, leasing, project development, joint ventures, consolidation, including land registration. We routinely conduct due diligence audits of torrens titles covering the property involved in our projects and as a result, have identified fraudulent titles for our clients. Given the size of recent transactions brought about by the real estate boom, we feel that an exhaustive investigation of land titles as well claims upon property is an essential part of our practice. Accordingly, we provide the same level of protection whether the subject matter is a residential lot for a family home or the consolidation of hundreds of hectares for land banking and future development.